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What Is A 'Planetary Paradise'?


A 'planetary paradise' is purely our current planet - our home - but in which we all - humans and every other creature - live wild, free and 'powerful' existences. As far as we humans are concerned, we just need to be honest with ourselves about our world and each of our 'places' in it, to enable our own incredible potential to thrive.

In a world that we could call a 'planetary paradise', we are simply aware of what we humans and all other creatures have in common (that we are all part of a planetary community of planetary creatures) AND the planetary rights that we all share.

As a result of recognising the planetary rights that we all share (that we are ALL born with) so, within our planetary paradise, we will find ourselves newly able to bring about our wildest & best existences.

I can promise you that right now most of us humans are holding ourselves back when actually, truly, we have been born to live our lives to the maximum, whatever that means to each of us. (And we are not only holding ourselves back but infinite other creatures too, when we could all thrive, together).


Well, our rights come from our ONLY actual ‘true’ identities, as planet born creatures. We are all born from our planet (we are ‘one planet’) and as we ARE our planet itself/nature itself so we are ALL wild creatures and we are also all equal, perfect and all born free (to live freely on our own terms is our planetary right, no matter ‘what’ or ‘who’ we are).

So, as wild, equal creatures, we have full rights over our ‘forms’ (our body/thoughts) and our choices/actions.

It is also important that we acknowledge that we - every planetary creature - have also been born TO live our lives (BE ourselves) to our maximum. We ALL have one planetary purpose in common: to BE here (as we are born to be here) and to make the most of being here.


Our planetary structure, I think, actually holds us all in an ‘ordered’ fashion, where we are empowered (as we are literally, when we think about it, ‘power’ itself, as we ARE the matter that forms ITSELF into forms - like a human, a bee, a flower - in order to thrive) to live our lives to our maximum.

By ‘being’ here in this planet, we are launched into interactive relationships where we are always complementing one another to thrive, as long as we are acting in awareness of the planetary rights that we all have in common and as long as we live by them. (Ie. We don’t seek to objectify, oppress, inhibit or exploit any other creature).

Perhaps, reading this, you’re thinking to yourself that what I am stating is idealistic/naive, that we NEED to objectify and exploit at least some parts of our planet in order to survive and thrive? If you’re thinking that then, happily, I think that you are mistaken, and I hope that I can prove to you that we really can ALL have it ALL (live our best collective lives, on our own terms, in our own ways, together). We are actually, all of us, born with an instinctive ability to turn every situation to our advantage, to thrive, whilst also empowering others to thrive along side us. The only thing preventing this occurring in our planet right now is us not realising that we are all born into a potential planetary paradise: we are holding ourselves back from living in this paradise.

Even ‘feeding on one another’ (as we are a planet that feeds on itself and self sustains itself) is a COLLABORATIVE act, to thrive, BUT this depends on us humans being honest about the planetary rights of ALL other creatures, to live freely and on their own terms. This is a complicated subject to discuss in our current global society (as 'care' rather than 'kill' towards one another is as important to me as it is to many others, perhaps like yourself, who are reading this now and, in our current pretty exploitative society, I fully stand up for the rights of every animal - of indeed, every life form - to thrive). That's why I go over this topic in great thoroughness, with the rights of us all (no matter our species) to wild freedom & total independence of will, evoked in the 'Our Planet - A Love Story' E-Handbook.


It may seem that, as I have stated that we are each born with the ability to turn every situation to our advantage, to make the most of being here, that I am suggesting that our planet is just made up of individuals who only seek to serve themselves. This is NOT the case. Our planet is, I think, actually a united, interactive structure where all of it’s many ‘parts’ are fully symbiotic and are devised to thrive better, together.

In fact, every single one of us (our planet’s ‘parts’, whether we are human, planet, animal or mineral or other) are enabled to ONLY fully thrive if we are part of a FULLY THRIVING PLANET.


In a fully thriving planet…

  • We all recognise one another for WHO we truly are: all of us planetary, wild, equal, perfect creatures, born free, to live to our maximum.

  • We are all fully entitled to live life on our own terms: we are aware that we ARE power itself, and that we are all wild & perfect, here to thrive better together.

  • As we recognise that we are always an example to ourselves of the world we live in (as, in our wild empowerment and recognition of our right to thrive, we take full responsibility for ourselves & our actions) we choose to be an example to ourselves of how a planetary creature who lives in a wild, free world, thinks and acts: we are an example of an honest, wild & free world.


What I have described (above) is only the most succinct of summaries of how our planet is actually structurally devised AS a ‘planetary paradise’ (a fully thriving planet) if we humans just stopped self sabotaging our overall planetary welfare and stopped holding ourselves (and some other creatures) back from fully thriving.

Our current, overall, human global community appears to have gotten itself lost within the details of our lives (all of our subjective, personal experiences that we have spent centuries trying to force on one another as ‘truth’, instead of remembering/recognising that there really IS a ‘bigger picture’ that we all have in common).

Subsequently, in order to celebrate our actual reality and the structural facts of our planet (that are, in my opinion, here for all of us to see for ourselves) the only way that I could find to properly do so was to celebrate & chat about our reality & our common planetary rights & how we really do all ‘thrive better together’ in my E-Handbook, ‘Our Planet - A Love Story’ (see the hyperlink above).


Well, I am open to that.

My heart and passion (what makes ME thrive) are invested in an honest world because only an honest world is a fair world and only in an honest and fair world can we all be fully empowered to thrive and can we ALL (no matter ‘what’ or ‘who’ we are) live our lives to our maximum.

I am open to having my statements - in a friendly, respectful and polite fashion, of course - fully challenged and debated, as that is what being honest and open hearted is all about.

In fact, I have had many conversations about our planet being a ‘planetary paradise’ and, so far, the realities that are featured in ‘Our Planet - A Love Story’ still appear to stand as proven and true to all of us.


If this blog post has prompted your interest at all, there’s a few ways to find out more and see what you think…

WILD EVENT - I am running a 'pay what you choose' Webinar/Q&A on how we are ALL wild and perfect. I am doing this because it is my opinion that an honest relationship with ourselves is the start of an honest relationship with our planet & all other creatures.

GET IN TOUCH - You are welcome to get in touch (using the form below) to ask any questions. I will say, in advance, though, that if your question requires a very thorough and detailed answer (and this info already appears in one of my E-Handbooks) I will probably refer you to the E-Handbooks.

PURCHASE THE ‘OUR PLANET - A LOVE STORY’ E-HANDBOOK - You can purchase the ‘Our Planet - A Love Story’ E-Handbook in one of 2 ways…

  • I am running a ‘launch promotion’ around the E-Handbook, to help fund one of my wildlife emergency services, UKWT, so you can purchase the E-Handbook for £10 and be in with a chance (free) of winning one of three prizes. Find out more HERE.

  • Or, to make the E-Handbook as accessible as possible (but not make it free, as any ‘free’ product can often just be picked up on a whim and then be left disregarded, as no investment has been made in order to access it) you can donate what you can afford and think fair, to purchase a copy HERE.


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