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My organisation 'Our Planet (Our Paradise)' has one focus, which is to enable our awareness of the planetary community that we're all part of, wherever & whoever we are...

When I decided to launch this very personal fundraiser (below) I decided that it would be easiest to pop it onto a page of OP (OP)'s website and make it live from here.  The contact form also allows anyone to ask me any questions, if needed.  I think that the fundraiser below speaks for itself. Any questions, feel free to get in touch, Alana x




"Dear Donor,


This documentary - Children of Gaza, 2010 - was one of the first productions I worked on when I was working at True Vision and the stories of the children have stayed with me: I have found the current crisis especially emotive, for that reason.


Watching it back again now, it stands out to me so much how the cycle of violence, fear and suffering has continued and is now occurring to a new generation, on both sides.  I no longer work in TV and of course I am just one person but I decided that I wanted to play at least a tiny part in easing the suffering of some of the families - and especially youngsters - caught up in the bombardments.


I want to raise funds to send into Gaza when the dust, literally, settles, using a local contact that True Vision are still in contact with, Khaled Abu Ghali, to determine through which uses the money can most make an impact, with the on-the-ground efforts.  That might be as focused as helping those children who have been orphaned in this latest encounter, or helping youngsters with diabetes get the medicine they need, or funding general food and medical care to families.  I am grateful to True Vision that they are willing to help me get the money, once raised, to the places that need it most and direct to those who need urgent care.


Just in case you are wondering...  Why am I raising funds specifically for Gazan families and displaced/orphaned children and not Israeli families/children as well?  The answer is....  For me, this is not about picking a side.  My only focus is on being of help where, I think, it might be needed the most right now.  The reality is that Gazan families and youngsters, compared to those in Israel who are also suffering, have a lot less access to the necessary shelter, food/water and medical care needed in this terrible situation.  Nobody should be up against what these people are, so I want to offer help, in whatever small way that I can.  


I would like the current generation of children in Gaza to find a way through the current horrors, with the kind of hope that comes from knowing that someone, whoever they are, wherever they are, cares for their well being and recognises that they deserve a chance to not only survive but thrive too.  


We all deserve to be lifted up when we are down.  This ethos is extremely important to me."

Alana Hurd (Ex employee at True Vision Productions).





If you would like to donate, your money will go towards helping Gazan families and displaced/orphaned children to help them to survive & find a way to thrive again.

True Vision have a charitable foundation alongside their production company and your donations to this Go Fund Me campaign will be held - untouched and protected - in their charitable account, until Khaled is able to advise on exactly where the money can be used to make the biggest difference in Gaza.  


Upon Khaled's advice we will donate to the charity/charities that he recommends that will be of most immediate help, from what he sees of the situation around him.  So that you can have some more info in advance, your donations will definitely go to one or more of these charities, that have already been recommended to me...

Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross and Palestine RED Crescent Society

[Khaled - find out about him HERE - is a trusted, Rory Peck Channel 4 award winning professional.]


As soon as your donations have been distributed, this page will be updated with EXACTLY where the funds have gone and to what purpose.


*As a caveat, for extra clarity, I just wanted to add that, even though True Vision's charitable foundation was established to specifically help youngsters who appeared in their films, True Vision are only helping me to connect with Khaled and send funding where it is needed most, so the donations that I am hoping to raise through this page and GFM will be given to charities in Gaza to help families/youngsters/orphans who are suffering in the current bombardment. 

The Aletheia Foundation/True Vision Productions are no longer in contact with the children (who are now adults) featured in the film, which was made in 2010, under different circumstances. 

Thank You.

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