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Wild Products & Services

These 'wild products & services' are accessible through the WW & UKWT websites. You can find all of the Digital products through our Ko-Fi 'Wild Living' Shop, for immediate download.


'Our Planet - A Love Story' E-Handbook

By being aware of the 'bigger picture' of our planet, we find ourselves empowered to unite (to complement one another's hopes and efforts) to REALLY enable a 'planetary love story'.

I have chosen the words 'planetary love story' very carefully: this Handbook is, I think, an undeniable (ie. 100% factual) presentation of how our planet is LITERALLY structured to BE a  * 'planetary paradise' with all of us thriving, together.

* This E-Handbook is being promoted/sold through this website because it is universally relevant: no matter the country we live in or the culture we experience, we can all relate to it.  [The WOW handbook below touches briefly on some of the same premises but then focuses most of its guidance on UK wildscaping ideas, practices & opportunities.]

'Wildscaping Our World' E-Handbook

At almost 350 pages, that will be sent to you as an e-book, for you to easily download to Apple Books or Android files to access as an ebook on your phone/tablet/computer, this E-Handbook offers the Reader (to benefit ourselves & all lives around us) ideas & instructions on how to live wildly in every aspect of our lives...

- A wild & fresh mindset from which to wonder at our planet & rejoice in our existence and day to day pleasures.  This mindset enables us to manifest a wild world.

- A comprehensive step-by-step 'How To Guide' on wildscaping our planet, focusing on wild ideas, practices & opportunities within the UK: starting with wildscaping our home interiors/exteriors & wildscaping our local communities & organisations.


Wild Money Pot

This scheme has the double benefit of funding staff for the Wildlife Care Badge & UK Wildlife Transporters so that they can make sure that every wildlife casualty/orphan in the UK always gets the medical & rehabilitative care that they need AND it funds the wilding up of our UK spaces: enabling environments that support wildlife to thrive.

Wildlife First Aid Officer Course And/Or E-Booklet

Would you like a 'Wildlife First Aid Officer' in your home and/or workplace?

Wildlife casualties need help urgently when found and it's surprising how many people find a wildlife casualty on the way to work or even on the work place premises itself.

Equally...  At least half of the calls to Wildlife Rescues about poorly/orphaned wildlife casualties are from people who have found these animals in their garden and need urgent advice on how to help them.

Having an allocated 'Wildlife First Aid Officer' in your work place or at home gives you the best chance to save that furry/feathery/spiky life.​


Want A Wilder Workplace?
(Online Course)

A remote bespoke service (accompanying a pdf copy of both 'handbooks') to help your organisation to integrate more harmoniously with our planet (enabling the overall thriving of our planet, as well as those that your organisation serves).

Want A Wilder Residence?
(Online Course)

A remote bespoke service (accompanying a pdf copy of both 'handbooks') to help you to integrate your home and daily actions more harmoniously with your local environment as well as our planet as a whole.

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Wildscape Officer / Project Manager

Do you have any kind of land/property (whether commercial or residential) that you would like to wildscape?

Some of our most favourite WW projects have been when we have been invited in person to examine a space (whether land, property or both) to help collaborate with the owners to draw up designs to enable everyone (humans, wildlife, plantlife and all other life) to coexist in much greater harmony and with much greater understanding.

We have had some wonderful successes with St. Mark's Church and Alsager Council.  Get in touch if you'd like to find out more about how we might be able to help you in the same way:

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