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Wild Adventures

I'd Love To Get Your Thoughts...

These 'wild adventures' are a new idea, launching in 2024, to just make the most of being right here, right now and to invite people to 100% celebrate* ourselves & one another too, if you'd like to take part in these get togethers.

I have run a lot of very successful events in the past - there is a bit of info/links about me HERE - and I have decided to start off these events by testing the waters and getting some feedback from all of you.  The events would all be outdoors.  At least half of them, throughout 2024, would be on/near Anglesey, where my home (which I also run as an Airbnb, on the shore of the Menai Straits) will act as a base for showers, changing facilities and toilets - when necessary - for any of the events.  The events would be for one day only, sometimes finishing late, in the case of BBQs & sharing time around a campfire.  All of the locations for the events would be accessible by public transport, for those who don't drive.  

For the events like paddle boarding (on sea shores & mountain lakes) and wild swimming and heading up Mount Snowdon, I'll be collaborating with professional companies to ensure the safety of all participants.  All ages & fitness levels are welcome.

Food/drinks for most of the events will be bought in advance from local cafes, with attendees able to request specific items from the menus (included in nominal fee costs).


For BBQs & picnics, attendees would be requested to bring their own food for cooking/eating and supplementary snacks & refreshments will be provided.

If you live within travel distance of Anglesey & these events interest you, use the form below to let me know which activities you might be interested in.  [If you're not within comfortable travelling distance, there are a lot of affordable options to stay overnight within the immediate vicinity.]

Costs for these events would be...  I would like to keep costs low, so I am considering a small nominal fee per person (under £40) to attend the event (covering the organisational time, administrative bits, use of my home & insurance) and then the rest of the costs would be paid directly to the companies assisting with the more physical activities, like hiring a paddle board or a guide.  The BBQ, campfire, woodland walks & picnic events would be cheaper.


Finally, I'd like to collaborate with other companies to host these types of events in other parts of the UK.  I am going to be reaching out to companies myself but if you're reading this and you're a company interested in collaborating, let me know on the form below. 


*In 'celebrating ourselves & others' all get togethers will be founded on the premise that all attendees are accepted as the wild & perfect people that they are and that everyone is just attending to enjoy the outdoors / activities & openhearted company.  All attendees get a free E-Book copy of 'Our Planet - A Love Story' too.

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