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Wildscaping Advice & Tips

I hope that you find some of the info below helpful.  (Click through to my Wildscaping Worldwide website to check out the full information & feel free to contact me with any questions).  Just in case you would also find it of use, the first E-Handbook that I published, 'Wildscaping Our World', is an incredibly comprehensive 348 page guide on getting more than a little wild.


What Is A 'Happiness Hub'?

While wildscaping a church (and the surrounding land) over the summer, a volunteer asked me, “Are you creating a biodiversity hub?” and the thought popped into my mind, “No, this is a ‘Happiness Hubʼ.”

A ‘Happiness Hubʼ is a place of balance: uniting the needs of every being who would desire to utilise that space (local humans, wildlife and even plant life) and finding the best way that can be thought of, to co-exist in harmony together: that also means recognising the right of plants who have self-seeded and carved out their own territory there too.

Wildscaping An Organisation's Land (A Case Study)

I was commissioned through my organisation, Wildscaping Worldwide, by Mother Cherry, at Saint Mark's Church, Westcliff On Sea, to EXTENSIVELY wildscape the church & surrounding land.

It was an INCREDIBLE opportunity to truly serve both the local human population and all of the wildlife there, from Bats to Butterflies.

The slogan for this project (for Mother Cherry and her Parishioners) was: "God's House For ALL Species."


Wildscaping Council Land (A Case Study)

I was commissioned through my organisation, Wildscaping Worldwide, to consult with Councillors at Alsager Council in summer 2021 on how to utilise any wasted spaces (road verges and other spots) so that humans and wildlife (and plant life too) could benefit from them.

In 2022 I was updated to the fact that Alsager Council were not only implementing our designs but had also won a gold community eco-award with them.

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