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We Are 'Power Itself'


We ARE the matter that forms ITSELF into forms, to want for itself, to thrive.

What do I mean by ‘forms itself into forms’? Well, an outside deity (a God/Goddess) is not objectively proven so what APPEARS to be happening to us all - that we can all commonly see happening to us - is that our planet is constantly reshaping itself into infinite numbers of forms (these forms are us, whether we are a human, a hedgehog, a pebble or a wasp) out of the mass and matter already available to it, recycling itself into new forms as a self aware entity.

Our physical forms are shaped and moved about by our ‘wanting for ourselves’/loving ourselves/nurturing ourselves, to ‘be’ to our maximum. This primal force - this wanting for ourselves - is a self aware force within us that dictates our every physical action, which in turn dictates the state of our physical forms, our shapes and sizes, our health and even the very reality we create around ourselves and the world we exist within.

The mass/matter that we ARE and our ‘wanting for ourselves’ determines HOW we exist (what state of being we experience) and the reality we manifest around ourselves.

To be ‘power itself’ is to be pure potency and pure self aware potential, in the live form of a planetary creature.


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