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We ARE Nature Itself...


We currently - some of us - have a bit of a squewed view of our place in our world. Let’s start by looking at the language that we have created to perceive the world around us - ‘natural/unnatural’ - which suggests that us humans exist outside (outside??) of our planet’s processes.

Let’s examine our dictionary definition of ‘nature’: “The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.”

Can you see that we have stated that we are neither a ‘phenomena of the physical world’ OR a ‘product of the earth’?


Our planet produces (and then reabsorbs, as we all die or disappear over time) all beings and species.

Every single species (including humans) are born of this planet, exist within - and as part of - it’s ecosystems and are 100% dependent on our planet to sustain our existence.

We are as much a ‘product of the earth’ as every other species.

Therefore... There is one planet and we humans play our part from within it: at NO point have we stepped outside of our planet’s operational systems.

That leads us to the next definition, to examine: ‘Natural things exist or occur in nature and are not made or caused by people.’ (FYI - Apparently only humans can be ‘people’)...


As ‘people/humans’ are - in fact, in reality - a ‘product of the earth’ (so, ‘of nature’) THEN whatever we create is also ‘of nature’ and therefore ‘a natural thing.’

Whatever humans create was created (in fact) by our planet (!) acting THROUGH one of it’s many species (called us humans).

There is only ‘nature’ and ‘natural’ and humans ARE ‘nature’ and ‘natural’.

*For the purposes of this handbook, whether humans have a soul/free will is up to you, the reader.


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