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We Are All Equal Beings...

We are all ONE (one planet) - we are just a myriad of different representations of our planet.

If we are ONE (we cannot be both superior & inferior to ourselves) we are absolute (as we exist as ONE planet, being better or worse than ourselves is a nonsense: an impossibility of existence).

You need 2 beings to have one be superior & the other, inferior, which is only ever an opinion anyway: we are only representations of our ONE planet.


“I am here / You are here.” - That’s it. That’s the only reality that we live within...

After this truth, it just becomes about who I hold as important to ME and who I value over another and then even ‘what’s my favourite colour’ or ‘what’ do I really enjoy doing?’ We make connections/experience relationships within the world that enrich our own lives, valuing one human over another, for example, but this is entirely subjective: they are of greater importance only to us.

Within our planet itself ‘equality/inequality’ does not exist. It is us humans who have created ideas of measurement: they are made up BY us humans and do not actually exist (they are made up only in our minds).

Other species might have also objectified the world in a similar way, with their own measurements, but neither their measurements nor ours are ‘true’, they are entirely subjective to the observer.

If we humans regard our world with a clear mind, without making assumptions about the creatures around us, then all comparisons drop away and all that is left is the only truth: we are all one planet, one entity.

We create labels/names for beings & then measure one set of circumstances against another, to understand our world and our place in it. They are only how US humans see the world (not necessarily how every other being/species sees the world) and so our labels/measurements exist and are important ONLY to us. That means that a being/species can be viewed a certain way BY us but it is NOT a truth. (If we are honest with ourselves, we can only ever live amongst all other creatures as recognised equals and cherish our time together, wherever possible, to best thrive together and make the most of our time on this planet).

FINALLY.... I do use the word ‘equal’ throughout this blog, only to help keep it in the mind of yourself, the reader, that ‘inequality’ cannot exist in this world and to keep that present in your mind.


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