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Being Us (Me/You) To The Maximum...

It doesn't matter what makes us tick in this life (what makes 'being alive' worthwhile for us).

Our primal drive (our ONLY purpose/motivation, that we ALL have in common) is to 'be' to our maximum: to thrive. How we thrive is unique/bespoke to each of us. It might be cooking or acting or dancing or spending time with animals or sports.

ALL that matters is how aware we are of the planetary structure that we exist within (the structural potency for a planetary paradise) and how much we live in honest awareness of the planetary rights of EVERY single one of us (every single creature) to thrive.

Every single planetary creature has in common the following rights...

  • - We are 'born of the planet/nature itself'.

  • - We are ALL wild, equal, perfect & born free.

  • - We are ALL part of a planet that relates to itself, interacts with itself, observes itself, creates and destroys bits of itself & feeds on itself (sustains bits of itself on other bits of itself).

  • - We have ALL been born with only ONE primal drive: to want for ourselves (which is the same as 'serving/nurturing ourselves' or 'loving ourselves'). This enables us to 'be' to our maximum (making the most of being here, as part of our planet). [I want to add here that, if this idea of 'wanting for ourselves' is something you find challenging to accept, that it's probably because our current global human community has, overall, demonised 'wanting' as a negative behaviour. In fact, 'wanting for ourselves' is not only a fully loving act for ourselves but also a fully loving act for the rest of our planet to benefit from too. If you'd like to find out more about this, you're welcome to attend the 'Wild & Perfect' online Webinar/Q&A, where I'll hopefully be proving my statement to be 100% factually correct OR the E-Handbook, 'Our Planet - A Love Story' explains it in great detail.]

  • - We are ALL part of this same planetary structure: a structure that empowers us all to thrive better, together. We are ALL designed to thrive more, if we enable others around us to thrive too.

We can ALWAYS thrive (being ourselves to the maximum) while empowering and respecting the rights of ALL of us (every planetary creature) to thrive too. (In fact, the only actual way we can 100% thrive is by enabling our planet - as a whole - to thrive. We can do this just by being aware of our planet as a whole & responsible in our actions, in our chosen lifestyle and profession).

We, all of us/each of us, 'serve' one another in everything we do, whether we are thinking 'only' of ourselves or our planet as a whole. And every 'profession' or 'organisation' has been set up to enable someone, somewhere, to thrive, somehow.

All of us are serving ourselves and others to 'thrive' in some way (deliberately or by accident). (By 'accident' I give the following examples... We're walking along and knock a flowerhead, providing force for the seeds to scatter OR we're swimming in a lake and we unintentionally block a waterbird's gaze on their prey at a crucial second, giving the prey a chance to live just a little longer or escape altogether. There are infinite examples of 'serving' one another and we are all serving, every moment, our planet as a whole).

It then just comes down to whether we are intentionally hindering, as well. What do I mean by 'hindering'? I mean... Any act that deliberately denies the planetary rights of another creature, like exploiting any creature as a 'lab specimen' and denying them the planet born rights that we expect for ourselves and that they have been born with too.

The only aspect of our professional lives that are worth noting ('worth' as in of worth to the overall well being of our planet) is how aware and aligned we are - in how we fund our lives - with what I would argue is our planet's desire to BE a 'planetary paradise' and the planetary rights of all of us to thrive...

I.e. Are we enabling a fully thriving planet or are we inhibiting our planet from fully thriving, by oppressing and inhibiting 'parts' of our planet - 'parts' being 'lab' or 'farm' or 'entertainment' creatures, for example - from fully thriving, and holding our whole planet back in the process?

Let's look at 2 examples of 'thriving' and 'serving' in our chosen professions...

An Actor/Actress for example, might be focused, in their lives, only on giving their best performances but, by being who they are, they are also serving others (those who take pleasure from watching the performances, for example) to live to their maximum.

In contrast, my professional way of 'thriving' - running this blog and my 'wild organisations' - is by focusing on enabling the empowerment of our planet as a whole.

In BOTH cases/examples, we are EACH 'being' ourselves to our maximum and are of equal benefit to our planet as a whole.

It is just up to us to be aware, as we live our lives to our maximum, of the rights of all others around us too, enabling us all to live to our maximum, according to our planetary rights, as one whole planetary community of infinite planetary creatures.


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