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What Is It, To Be 'Powerful'?

Being ‘powerful’ is just when we remember that we ARE 'power itself' and so able from the moment of our birth to utilise every situation as a chance to BE to our maximum: to thrive.

If we think that we can only be ‘powerful’ if we are ‘lucky’ or if we abuse others around us - humans and otherwise - or are dishonest with them, to try and take advantage of them, then we haven’t understood what ‘powerful’ really means.

It is also part of the genius of our planetary structure that…

If we don’t recognise & fully comprehend what we all - every planetary creature - has in common and the planetary rights that we share, then we are never able to access our own full power or tap into our own full potency to truly thrive.

If we at any moment think that we are entitled to deny another creature the planetary rights that we expect for ourselves, even in the smallest way (like our right to choose freedom or consent, whatever species we may be) then we haven’t actually, fully understood that our planet is structured for us all to fully thrive together, or to forever be undermining our own well being and our own chances to live to our maximum & to blaze our very brightest.

This is a BIG topic and it may seem impossible to be able to exist in such a way but, I promise you, it is not only possible but this way of life is here for us to bring about for ourselves. All of the facts that, I think, prove this to be the case, are laid out for your examination in my Handbook, ‘Our Planet - A Love Story’.


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