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I Am: Me - 'Dandelion'

I ran a 'Wild Spaces' online event last week and had a wonderful conversation with a very proactive and caring lady about wildlife and sharing spaces and all sorts.

We talked about Dandelions for a bit and it made me think of writing this post...

During the event we talked about how Dandelions often provide flashes of brightness in an otherwise green lawn and how they are a resource for bees and how they can be consumed by humans and are really nutritional for us and how they often self seed in poorer soil and regenerate the space for other plants to find it easier to grow there too.

A lot of these aspects of a 'Dandelion' are known and understood by lots of humans. What I rarely hear anyone express is a recognition that a 'Dandelion' is a planetary, botanical creature, independent of us humans and just here to 'be' in exactly the same way that we humans are here to 'be'.

Just like us humans, a Dandelion is born from the planet and claims territory & takes up space and exists the best it can.

To us, it is a 'Dandelion'. To the creature itself, it is 'Me'...

Just wanted to share this thought 🥳

[If you want to know more, click HERE.]


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