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I have been engaged in human, animal & environmental welfare for 24 years.  I wrote this book because...

In a world that appeared to me to rock with conflicts (both huge & momentary) I became very interested in finding out if there were any 'universal truths' that we all had in common, so that these truths could form an anchor to unite us and potentially enable a greater chance for us all to thrive.

I started this book - which was originally called the 'Wild Starter Handbook' - with the mindset that I was starting from scratch to find out 'what is truth(?)' as though I knew nothing, as though I had just been born.  Right from the start, I was prepared to abandon the research/book development at any point if it turned out that there were no 'universal truths'.  My only motivation in writing this book was to be ruthlessly honest with myself about anything our planetary community might have in common (whoever/whatever we are) and then share any findings...

And it turns out that there are commonalities that we all share.  My research led me to the point that I think that our planet is structured/designed to be a paradise for us all…


This book got renamed 'Our Planet - A Love Story' (about 80% of the way into finishing it) because that's actually where all of my research took me. I also refer to it, in my work, as my 'Planetary Paradise' book.

What I mean by this is that my research (starting from nothingness and following undeniable steps, one after the other, to reach ONLY an inevitable conclusion) led me to the point that I think our planet is designed to be a paradise for us all.


Thank you for giving this E-Handbook your consideration.

Our Planet a Love Story E-Handbook

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