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March/April 2024



The 'Planetary Prize Giving [Free & Monthly] Game' is a way for us to fund global welfare causes, without YOU having to pay anything...  No catch, whatsoever!

Fill in the form below if you're in the UK & you'd like to...  


...  Be in with a chance to win £50 of prizes once a month, from outdoor kit to jewellery to cosmetics & more, from planet loving companies (all products will be vegan friendly & never tested on animals)  at NO cost to yourself.  All you'd be invited to do each month (voluntarily) is choose up to £50 worth of prizes that you'd like to win.

[You can enjoy playing this Game, safe in the knowledge that your contact details will never be passed on to any third parties: not even to the companies you want to win prizes from (unless it is with your permission, to collect your prize).   


OP (OP) will keep your contact details from this form only to let you know that this Prize Giving Game has launched.  You will never receive advertising from anyone else because of us.]

Why is it free to play this Prize Giving Game & win prizes?  Because...


Think of it as a 'back to front raffle' where, instead of you paying to play, we have monthly Sponsors who have contributed funding to us at 'Our Planet (Our Paradise)' to FIRST & FOREMOST support the planet loving causes listed below & SECONDLY, to get their amazing products/services promoted to you.  


[OP (OP) takes up to - but never more than - 30% of the sponsorship income, to cover our running costs.]  The remaining (at least 70%) of contributions are split equally & donated to the following 4 'planet loving efforts': UK Wildlife Transporters, the Wildlife Care Badge, sending aid to Gaza & Home Habitats Worldwide.  [In summary, Sponsors help us to help others and, to thank them for their support, we invite our 'prize giving game participants' to learn all about them and their eco products/services: helping them to grow their online audience.]

Thank you, you'll be emailed when this launches!

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