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Thanks for playing the Planetary Prize Giving Game!

Here's the prizes that OP(OP) have available for you to submit a ticket to try and win...


'Our Planet - A Love Story' EBook

This E-Handbook is a comprehensive examination (300 pages) of the questions that I touch on in this website.

"What if our planet births us all as wild, self-empowered creatures, all here as part of a planet that is aware of itself, observes itself, interacts with itself, relates to itself & even feeds off itself (and more)?"

And...  "What if we are born, wild & free, with one purpose: to fully thrive?  What if we are structurally devised - as one planetary community of infinite, different planetary creatures - to thrive better, together?"

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Wild Online Events

What if our planet’s whole structural design is to enable a 'planetary paradise' for us all to thrive in and the only reason we’re not already a 'fully thriving planet' is because some of us are holding ourselves - and others - back? 


I want to offer events & engagement as accessibly as possible with/for anyone who likes this blog and who wants to find out more about the following questions...  Are we really all wild & perfect?  How can we have new relationships with the world around us as well as being prepared to help struggling wildlife get a second chance?  How can we set up our land and properties as 'Happiness Hubs'?

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