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I have followed this company - No Forks Given Fabrications - for a long time now and their sculptures, all made from upcycled cutlery, I find very impressive.


This sculpture stood out to me especially (when I was thinking about the prizes that I wanted to feature in this launch) because we have labelled this incredible species a 'pig' (a 'farm' animal) but really they are a 100% wild animal and they have the same rights as us humans (as we are ALL wild creatures).  I can prove it (if you buy the handbook)!


There's 500 chances to win this prize...  Just purchase this promotional version of 'Our Planet - A Love Story' & you'll be automatically allocated a FREE raffle ticket to this prize.  The prize will be drawn when 500 books/tickets are sold and then you'll be emailed to let you know if you have won or not.

"I Am A Wild Creature" Prize / E-Handbook

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