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Why Is This E-Handbook Of 'Planetary' Importance?


1...  This E-Handbook is 'important' in that our planet's 'purpose' is to thrive and this E-Handbook - if enough people read it - enables a FULLY thriving planet.

2...  This E-Handbook is 'important' because WE are each important to ourselves and this E-Handbook enables everyone who purchases/reads it to recognise their own full importance (to the planet) and to thrive.

4...  This E-Handbook is 'important' because the way we treat ourselves and one another is important to whether our planet thrives or not.

3...  This E-Handbook is 'important' because as one 'thriving' planet (all of us thriving as ourselves and as 'parts' of our planet that make up our whole planet) we enable, together, what we could call a 'planetary love story' for not only ourselves but every other creature.

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